3rd Annual White House Student Film Fest

November 20, 2016

3rd Annual White House Student Film Fest

Reigna was absolutely ecstatic about her invitation to the 3rd annual White House (WH) Student Film Fest on October 2, 2016. She received this invitation as a result of her film submission to the contest. Reigna's "Tribe of One" was awarded an Honorable Mention for its response to this year's theme, "The World I Want to Live In"? Reigna's parents were honored to accompany her as her guests at the WH Film Fest and, the South by South Lawn (SXSL) Festival the following day where three student films were screened.

At the Film Fest ceremony and the reception afterward, Reigna met a treasure trove of fellow student filmmakers, actors, film and television directors/producers and scriptwriters! She gained greater insight about various facets of the business during the interview panel sessions hosted by Alfre Woodard, Ty Burrell and Adam Garber (the WH Video Director and Film Fest Facilitator). At the reception, she was able to interact with fellow student filmmakers and professionals alike in the industry to share experiences in the arts.

While wearing custom-apparel dawning her artwork and, the premise for her film, "Tribe of One", Reigna shared time and conversations with the following:

Bob Gazzale - TV Producer, Film Historian and President and CEO of the American Film Institute (AFI). The AFI sponsors the WH Student Film Fest.

Ty Burrell - Actor and comedian who is currently on the hit TV show, "Modern Family"; the voice of Bailey the whale in "Finding Dory"; and, is featured in several TV commercials.

Gary Duffer - One of the brothers of the twin brothers team that wrote the script for the mega-popular Netflix show, "Stranger Things".

Shawn Levy - He is currently one of the producers for Netflix's "Stranger Things". However, he is a multi-talent film director, producer and actor. He directed films such as Big Fat Liar, Just Married, Cheaper by the Dozen and, Night at the Museum.

Millie Bobby Brown - the well-received young actress who plays the role of Eleven on the Netflix TV show, "Stranger Things".

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