1st SXSL at the White House

November 19, 2016

1st SXSL at the White House

Reigna started her day off at the historic South by South Lawn (SXSL) Festival with one of the most incredible phenomenally surreal experiences of her lifetime. While she knew that she had been invited to an exclusive photo shoot with a guest photographer, Reigna had no idea that the renowned Chuck Close was THE photographer! Chuck Close's photography and paintings have inspired Reigna for a few years ever since she saw his portrait of Bill Clinton at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. Reigna was honored to have met, become acquainted with and, been photographed in the White House dining room by Chuck Close!

Needless to say, once Reigna left her exclusive photo shoot and exited to the South Lawn, she was so jubilant, she released her adrenaline by jumping for joy!

Upon entering the South Lawn, guests were greeted by Beverly Bond spinning an extensive variety of music that welcomed and entertained everyone.  Also,a huge billboard laid out the agenda for all sorts of festivities to come at the festival. After checking out the agenda, Reigna sat down with an impressive Red Lego sculpture to reflect on her amazement so far. 

As Reigna moved about the South Lawn exploring the various stations and offerings, she frequently encountered fellow filmmakers with whom she was excited to chat and exchange excitement over this incredible, magical experience. When Reigna spotted Adam Garber on the Lawn, she seized the opportunity to take a picture with him to serve as a fond memory of the force behind the student White House Film Fest and the student film screenings shown during the SXSL Festival.

Other stellar moments for Reigna during the festival included taking a picture with Adam Savage, the host of Mythbusters on the Discovery channel; writing her personal action item for the future on the huge "To Do" billboard comprised of stickies; and, of course, hugging and receiving acknowledgement from one her favorite rappers, Common!

BUT, the icing on the cake, the creme de la creme, the apex, the everlasting treasure will always be having met President Barack Obama and, being memorialized in a group photo with such a sensational human being who is our 44th President of the United States!

By all accounts, the SXSL Festival at the White House was truly a celebration of ART, INNOVATION & ACTION!

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